Plan Your Next Great Time With New England Weekend Getaways

For travelers young and old, New England weekend getaways are a great way to relax, have fun, and make memories. This wonderful region boasts some of the USA’s most beautiful scenery, and some of its most welcoming people.

Depending on the season, New England plays host to a wide variety of tourists. In the Winter months skiers enjoy world renowned ski resorts, while snow mobile riders and snow shoe enthusiasts explore the valleys. In the Summer happy crowds flock to the coast to bask on pristine beaches and swim in the crisp ocean water. During the Fall, all of New England is alive with color as the foliage spectacularly changes its shade. No matter the season, fresh seafood is plentiful and expertly prepared across the region. Lobster is a specialty, as are cod and a wide variety clams. The coast in dotted with old towns, where some families have been in the fishing business for centuries.

New England weekend getaways include a range of scenery, ranging from cities to pristine. Maine is a densely forested wilderness, while Massachusetts plays host to Boston, one of the world’s education capitals. Small New England towns are full of old churches, art galleries, and lovely bed and breakfasts. Those bed and breakfasts are among the best New England weekend getaways. Others getaways like the famous Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire are larger resorts, nestled among the mountains.

For those who enjoy a less traditional vacation weekend, camp grounds are plentiful in New England. Most camp grounds provide sites for both RV and tent campers. Serious hikers can challenge themselves on the Appalachian trail, which stretches from Maine all the way down the Georgia.

More leisurely visitors can take part in the New England tradition of antiquing, as antique shops seemingly carpet the North East. Larger towns and cities play host to thriving art communities, with world class museums concentrated in Boston, Portland, and Providence. History enthusiasts can visit historic sites and monuments across New England. Every town has an active historical society, and locals take enormous care preserving their communities heritage.

No matter where a visitors interest lie, a trip to this historical and culture rich region is a good time. That is why we recommend choosing from a number of great New England weekend getaways today!